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A quick glimpse of what is Hydrateq and how does it helps in rain harvesting.
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End-to-End Solution

Hydrateq provides an end to end solution in Rainwater Harvesting and Water Management with a Data Monitoring System with iOT technology.

Save Water, Save Money

Start using rainwater for your daily needs and see your water bills go down significantly.
Talk to us to know how it will be done for your house/project.

Smart Technology

A smart way to control and monitor your water through our digital app.
  • Water usage data

    See how much water you use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Instant Rain Fall Alerts

    Provides instant alerts whenever rainfall occurs.
  • Water Pump Control

    Now control all yuor motors and pumps through the Hydrateq App.

Process of Rain Harvesting

Why wait for water to reach you from hundreds of kilometres away, when it can easily be saved from the water falling on the rooftops which otherwise goes into the drains unutilized.

Our Approach to Rainwater Harvesting

Hydrateq provides end to end service in setting up a Rainwater Harvesting System for the clients. The process is as follows:
  • 1. Assessment of Client Requirements
  • 2. Survey
  • 3. Designing
  • 4. Civil work
  • 5. HT Analytics system setup and Demo
  • 6. Closing
  • 7. Maintenance
When estimating your water needs, it’s important to consider factors including, Your property’s size, No.of people & Daily usage and Your water conservation habits

Once we decide your requirements, we will conduct a quick survey of the site and collect some important information about the site.

We will then prepare a detailed design of the project and discuss various aspects of the project with the client.

Once the design is approved,we will start the civil work and installation of the Rainwater Harvesting System.

Once the Rainwater Harvesting is done, we will then setup the required sensors and launch the app for the client and give a detailed demo on the working and usage of the app.
At this stage, all the final checks and quality assurance is done and the project is closed.
Hydrateq is always there for the client if any maintenance and after sales support is required.

Saved 3056790 litres
of fresh water

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Why HydraTeq

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